• Marie Curie High School

Marie Curie High School

In the municipality of Dallgow-Döberitz on the outskirts of Berlin, the issue of urbanity and densification was put into practice on a property situated at the transition from town to open landscape. The small-scale structure of the adjacent building development presented a particular challenge in terms of the scale of the large educational institution. A common platform joins the two L-form classroom wings, in the middle of which are the central common areas for communicative and social activities: a ground-level inner courtyard and an elevated recreation deck on the roof of the gymnasium, which is recessed into the slope. Various lines of sight create visual connections between the school’s different spaces – the interior with the exterior, the school from the elevated perspective of the recreation deck with the adjacent neighbourhood and the Brandenburg landscape.
Location Marie-Curie-Straße 1, 14624 Dallgow-Döberitz near Berlin
Year 1. Prize Competition 2001, Completion 2005 (2. BA 2009/2010)
Client Landkreis Havelland, Der Landrat, Dezernat IV/Hoch- und Straßenbau


Team Erik Behrends, Florian Fels, Olaf Menk, Jens Schoppe, Jacob van Ommen and Christian Jähnig, Dominika Plümpe, Kristin Hulzer, Mareike Münstermann, Volker Raatz

Technical planners GTB-Berlin Gesellschaft für Technik am Bau mbH, Berlin (structural engineering) – Brendel Ingenieure, Berlin, and Ingenieurbüro- Knoop GmbH, Mönchengladbach (building services) – Topotek 1 Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH, Berlin (open space planning) – Lichtvision Design & Engineering GmbH, Berlin (lightning design) – Folke Hanfeld, Berlin (art)

Photos Werner Huthmacher, Folke Hanfeld and Grüntuch Ernst Architects