• Transformation Karstadt Berlin

Transformation Karstadt Berlin

As an anchor in the neighborhood, the former Karstadt department store in Berlin-Wedding combines new working environments and adjacent living with economic, ecological and social offerings. A green network of courtyards and galleries runs through the building. The strong connection to the outside space can be seen both in the façade and the green courtyards as well as in the planted roof landscape. The courtyards, which extend through to the façade in two directions, reach deep into the interior and offer added value for the department store and the office landscapes as an open outdoor space with daylight. The openings provide views from Leopoldplatz and Müllerstrasse and break up the overall cubature. The contemporary openness creates an alternative concept to the classically introverted department store of the past.
Location Müllerstr. 25, Berlin-Wedding
Year 2nd prize competition 2023
Client Berlin, Müllerstraße 25 Immobilien GmbH Co. KG, SIGNA

Team Ufuk Çelik, Olaf Menk, Götz Hinrichsen, Benjamin Bühs, Andreas Hoppe, Maischa Hohm, Gideon Bramwells

Fachplaner SNW Ingenieure, Berlin (structural design)