• Carlotta Berlin

Carlotta Berlin

Located in Berlin-Charlottenburg, „next to Wilmina” the Carlotta apartment building has been designed and developed by Grüntuch Ernst Architects, who also transformed the former women‘s prison on Kantstraße into the Hotel Wilmina. The new building offers a wide range of spaces for temporary living on the adjacent vacant lot on Pestalozzistraße. Carlotta provides space for residency in furnished apartments along with a café and sports studio on the ground floor.

The length of the street is divided into two residential buildings with separate addresses and access cores. The configuration of the floor plans allows for a wide range of apartment types: from small studios, which can be connected to form cluster units, to interspersed family apartments and spacious penthouse apartments. The monolithic lightweight concrete façade on the street side is structured by a calm alternating fold. Large glass façades ensure plenty of daylight in the apartments and visual connections to the surroundings. On the south side, the apartments are fronted by triangular loggias, creating an animated façade with spatial depth. With generous sliding doors, the living space extends without thresholds into the outdoor space above the peaceful courtyard garden that offers a view of a wall of ivy that has grown over decades.

Location Pestalozzistraße 56, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Year Fertigstellung 2023
Client 1. Jeonie GmbH

Team Jost von Fritschen, Jens Schoppe, Florian Fels, Benjamin Bühs, Matthias Grabe, Ulrike Gardeler, Andreas Hoppe, Sema Kaya, Johannes Klose, Puja Shafaroudi, Xi Wu, Daniela Schneider, Julian Tesche

Technical planners StudioC Nicole Zahner, Berlin (structural engineering) – Ingenieurbüro Weltzer, Berlin (building services) – Müller BBM, Berlin (building physics) – hhpberlin, Berlin (fire engineering)

Photos Markus Gröteke