• Spreebord Tower Berlin

Spreebord Tower Berlin

The transformation of the urban building block ‘Am Spreebord’ offers opportunities for new living and working environments in the centre of Berlin. Around a central, public park, connected to the Mierendorff Round Trip on the banks of the Spree, a compact development will be laid out to unseal the surface over a large area. Individual, staggered structures with offices, different types of apartments, public and semi-public services, vary in height and give the location an identity-forming shape.
Location Quedlinburger Straße 7/9 + 11, Am Spreebord 1, Berlin
Year Entwurf 2022
Client BAUWENS Development GmbH

Team Götz Hinrichsen, Paul Eichholtz, Andreas Hoppe, Gideon Bramwells, Ufuk Celik