• Medical Association Hanover

Medical Association Hanover

The new head office of the Chamber of Physicians Lower Saxony in Hanover combines the functions of an efficient office building for approximately 400 employees with a modern training centre at its traditional location. Two oppositely aligned inclinations grow upwards to ten-storeys at the site’s busy crossroads. A three-storey lobby in the centre of the house connects all common areas and re-enforces the open and communicative character of the house.
Location Berliner Allee 20, 30175 Hannover
Year 1st prize competition 2017, completion 2023
Client Ärztekammer Niedersachsen

Project Team Erik Behrends, Arno Löbbecke, Olaf Menk, Götz Hinrichsen, Jens Schoppe, Nina Maria Damm, Robert Brangs
Ufuk Celik, Andreas Hoppe, Sema Kaya, Alice Knoppek, Stefan Schenk, Puja Shafaroudi, Andrian Sokolovskyi, Borja Solórzano, Philipp ter Braake mit Maria Babkina, Anna Grimm, Emil Haffner

Technical planners BuroHappold Engineering, Berlin (structural engineering, building services) – Müller-BBM GmbH, Berlin (building services) – hhpberlin, Berlin (fire engineering) – Zplus Landschaftsarchitektur, Berlin (open space planning) – Lichtvision Design, Berlin (lightning design) – IGT Ingenieurbüro für Grundbau und Tragwerksplanung, Berlin (construction pit planning) – Ingenieurbüro Seewöster GmbH, Berlin (kitchen planning) – Moniteurs GmbH Kommunikationsdesign, Berlin (orientation systems)