• BALLUFF Headquarter Neuhausen

BALLUFF Headquarter Neuhausen

To expand the Balluff headquarters near Stuttgart Airport, two very different new buildings are planned which follow one basic architectural idea: to combine formal office areas with informal spaces that promote movement, inspiration, interaction and cross-team collaboration. The spacious hall design of the office and development building in the heart of the Balluff Campus combines workspaces for business and innovation. It is structurally composed of cascading levels of the individual units, a wide center ramp as a meeting area and island-like set glass patios as versatile usable green spaces. With its striking dynamics, the landmark, visible from afar, is the iconographic figurehead of the company to the outside. Behind the glassy volume of the outer shell is the interlocking layering of open and closed volumes, creating semi-private workspaces and communal gathering areas.
Location 73765 Neuhausen/Fildern
Year 1st Prize Competition 2017, in progress
Client Balluff GmbH

Team Arno Loebbecke, Jens Schoppe, Florian Fels, Goetz Hinrichsen, Robert Brangs, Ufuk Celik, Nina Maria Damm, Florian Dietrich, Andreas Hoppe, Moritz Leinhos, Sema Kaya, Lasse Knoop, Alice Knoppek, Franziska Michalsky, Annika Müller, Stefan Schenk, Karsten Schuch, Puja Shafaroudi, Andrian Sokolovskyi, Adrian Zydziak, Jost von Fritschen, Xi Wu, James Yeo, Eljas Allafian, Nelli Fritzler, Urbano Gomez, Emil Haffner, Clemens Wiese