• Wilmina Berlin

Wilmina Berlin

Wilmina offers three new spaces at one unique location. On Kantstraße 79 in Berlin Charlottenburg, a listed ensemble consisting of a former courthouse and a women’s prison was transformed, expanded and reprogrammed by Grüntuch Ernst Architekten. Under family-run management, the former courthouse came to life as a space for art and culture – Amtsalon. Wilmina Hotel and its restaurant Lovis welcome their guests in the former prison, sheltered by lush gardens and interflowing courtyards.

Location Kantstraße 79, Berlin-Charlottenburg
Year Completion 2022
Client Wilmina GmbH

Team Florian Fels, Ulrike Gardeler, Olaf Menk, Matthias Grabe, Maike Bodenbender, Chris Leeuw, Diane Böhringer u. a.

Consultants Ingenieurbüro Weltzer, Berlin (building services) – GTB-Berlin Gesellschaft für Technik am Bau, Berlin (structural engineering) – StudioC Nicole Zahner, Berlin (structural engineering) – Marc Pouzol (atelier le balto) und Christian Meyer (consulting in questions of outdoor facilities and garden design)

Photos Patricia Parinejad, Grüntuch Ernst Architekten | © Wilmina
Film Bette | © Architonic