• Kätcheslachpark Frankfurt

Kätcheslachpark Frankfurt

In Frankfurt’s Riedberg district, an ensemble of point buildings forms a moving urban silhouette with an accentuated high point. The residential buildings with a crystalline basic form are twisted against each other, which enables differentiated views despite the spatial proximity. As a mixed-use neighbourhood, part of the ensemble is dedicated to assisted living. Generous areas for communal greenery and a playground complement the private outdoor spaces. The compact form of the buildings is broken up by staggered loggias and balconies – a motif that makes the individual buildings readable as an ensemble. The strong greening of the balconies and loggias is part of the architectural concept and a forward-looking interpretation of living close to nature in the dense city.
Location Römische Straße/Kätcheslachpark Frankfurt am Main
Year 1. Prize Competition 2014
Awarding Authority Bien Ries AG, Lechner Immobilien Development GmbH

Team Arno Loebbecke, Götz Hinrichsen, Andreas Hoppe, Rebecca Konnertz, Verena Schmid und Julia Wille