• Axel-Springer-Campus Berlin

Axel-Springer-Campus Berlin

By extending the Axel Springer tower building in the campus, the publishing house Axel Springer and the city Berlin are getting a new landmark building. With its positioning in the axis of the Axel Springer Street, the building overcomes the former political borders between East and West in a self evident and relaxed manner. The boundary between the increasingly polarized analogue and digital working environments is playfully overcome, as in the new campus building both environments are alternately dominating, offering each other maximum spatial encounter. The digitization introduces new ways of communication. The ubiquitous availability of information and the multimodal networking of teams challenges the established system of physical presence, rigid hierarchies and fixed spatial configurations.
Location  Zimmerstraße 50, 10117 Berlin
Year Competition 2013
Client Axel Springer AG, Berlin

Team Andreas Hoppe, Dominik Queck, Götz Hinrichsen, Stefan Schenk, Nico Schlapps, Olaf Menk, Mar Ballesteros, Krzystof Pydo, Laura Olivier, Marlena Wulf, Peter Franz Weber

Technical planners BuroHappold Engineering, Berlin (structural engineering, building services)