• Höfe am Brühl Leipzig

Höfe am Brühl Leipzig

With its historic arcades and courtyards, Leipzig’s city centre is criss-crossed by a complex system of urban spaces. This theme is taken up by the new construction of a multifunctional shopping centre with a basic structure of alleys, courtyards, stairways and bridges. The large building volume is divided into readable building units that take up the scale of the historic urban structure with a changing façade design of stone slats, metal and printed glass. The functions of shopping, parking and living are organised vertically, so that cars cross the pedestrians’ paths at airy heights and the patio houses on the roof with their communal outdoor area have an almost suburban character. The ensemble’s head building is clad in the listed façade of Leipzig’s “Blechbüchse” – once the largest department stores’ in the GDR and a city landmark.
Location Richard-Wagner-Platz 1, 04109 Leipzig
 1st prize competition 2007, completion 2012
Client mfi Höfe am Brühl Leipzig Gmbh & Co. KG


Team Erik Behrends, Arno Löbbecke, Olaf Menk, Jens Schoppe, Alessio Fossati, Jost von Fritschen, Kristina Herresthal, Stefan John, Götz Hinrichsen, Kai Arne Löper, Dirk Nachtsheim, Karsten Schuch, Carolin Döpfer, Andrea Höpfner, Remy Jalade, Tobias Klein, Lisa Knoll, Jakob Kortemeier, Martin Sulzbach

Technical planners Schüßler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Düsseldorf (Tragwerk) – HTW, Hetzel, Tor-Westen + Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf (Haustechnik) – Licht Kunst Licht AG, Bonn (Lichtplanung) – FAMED, Leipzig (Kunst)

Photos Tomas Riehle/ARTUR IMAGES and Jan Bitter