• Leipziger Straße Berlin

Leipziger Straße Berlin

With its matte polished façade, the office building on Leipziger Strasse is a bright accent in a neighbourhood characterized by uniform neoclassical façades, and is reminiscent of Hans Scharoun’s architectural works at the nearby Kulturforum. As a dynamic reinterpretation of the traditional façade arrangement, the building opens toward the city with its one-storey glass façade. Above the arcade passageway, the perforated stainless steel slats lend the smooth skin of the glass façade a plastic depth. The versatile colour of the vertical slats and their reflections generate differentiated space/light situations that, responding to the movements of the slats and the course of the sun, create new perspectives and constant changes in the appearance of the façade.
Location Leipziger Straße 126, 10117 Berlin
Year 2008
Client apellasbauwert property group, Düsseldorf


Team Volker Raatz, Olaf Menk, Jacob van Ommen, Dirk Zimmermann, Erik Behrends, Thomas Ellinghaus, Alessio Fossati

Technical planners GuD Planungsgesellschaft für Ingenieurbau mbH, Berlin (structural engineering) – Ingenieurbüro für Haustechnik KEM GmbH, Berlin (building services) – LA.BAR Landschaftsarchitekten bdla, Berlin (open space planning)

Photos Svea Pietschmann, Volker Bültmann and Grüntuch Ernst Architects