• Police Station Bernau

Police Station Bernau

The new police building is intended to convey a striking presence and security and to create a place at a contourless non-place in an industrial estate in Bernau, Brandenburg, which, despite its high security requirements, invites citizens to enter, enables them to find their way around quickly and reduces their fear of entering a threshold. The vast space program is compactly organised in a single building. The internal area with the service building and the enclosed courtyard is clearly separated from the public area at the entrance front. The large building mass is loosened up by lots of transparency and a bluish shimmering patchwork of light metal panels. On the public entrance front, a varied play of different levels of permeability is created.
Location Joachimsplatz 2, 16247 Joachimsthal
Year 2006
Client Liegenschafts- und Bauamt Bernau


Team Florian Fels, Rene Lotz, Olaf Menk, Jakob van Ommen, Volker Raatz

Technical planners Rohwer Ingenieure VBI GmbH, Rathenow (structural engineering) – Roth + Grube Planungsbüro und Ingenieurbüro Ziesche, Schwanebeck (building services) – Ingenieurbüro Eggersdorf, Ingenieurbüro Hübner, Bernau (open space planning) – Zentraldienst der Polizei des Landes Brandenburg (IT-planning) – Folke Hanfeld (art)

Photos Werner Huthmacher