• Special Needs School Berlin

Special Needs School Berlin

The pupils’ particular perception of the world meant considerable challenges in designing a special needs school in line with its character of both a sanctuary and a place of training for day-to-day life. Versatile relations to the exterior space, a high-contrast organization of the floor plan and a deliberate colour scheme are meant to facilitate orientation and identification with the building itself. The school and therapy buildings surround a small garden courtyard and are connected with each other by way of a glass corridor that also serves as an exhibition area for the pupils. Inside the school building, five three-storey “classroom houses” form clear units with their own interior façades. All of the classrooms have south-facing terraces that provide a protected outdoor space and supplement the limited open space provided by the property.
Location Eilenburger Straße 4, 12627 Berlin-Hellersdorf
Year 1. Prize Competition 1993, Completion 2001/2002
Client Bezirksamt Hellersdorf und Marzahn von Berlin, Hochbauamt

Team Florian Fels, Heinz Jirout, Olaf Menk, Jacob van Ommen, Ricard Owers, Matthias Schirrmacher

Technical planners CBF Engineering GmbH, Berlin (structural engineering) – HL-Technik Engineering Partner GmbH, Munich (building services) – Krüger & Möhrle Freie Landschaftsarchitekten BDLA, Stuttgart (open space planning) – BATTLE McCarthy Consulting Engineers & Landscape Architects, London (HVAC technology)

Photos Werner Huthmacher, Jan Bitter and Grüntuch Ernst Architects