• Europacity Berlin

Europacity Berlin

Within the new EUROPACITY quarter on Berliner Heidestraße, the residential development on construction site 7, with its special location on the northern city square and the Berlin-Spandauer-Schifffahrtskanal, offers both urban qualities and a variety of outdoor spaces. Divided into individual buildings, the taller of which emphasizes the corner of the riverside promenade to Otto-Weidt-Platz, the six- to seven-storey perimeter block development is oriented towards the traditional city in terms of structure and scale. The characteristic folding of the façade emphasizes the waterfront location with the best views from the loggias. The shared green garden courtyard, tenants’ gardens, terraces, balconies and proximity to the water have created an attractive inner-city interpretation of living in green surroundings in a central location.
Location Heidestraße, 10557 Berlin
Year Completion 2020
Client BUWOG Heidestraße Development GmbH

Team Jost von Fritschen, Benjamin Bühs, Götz Hinrichsen, Arno Löbbecke, Jens Schoppe, Matthias Cremer, Nina Maria Damm, Maischa Hohm, Alice Knoppek, Nesrin Kushku, Borja Solórzano, Jakob Adler, Fiona Bielitz, Carolin Möllers, Carolin Staubitz, Huyen Trang Tran

Technical planners Wetzel & von Seht, Berlin (structural engineering) – intecplan, Düsseldorf (building services) – Müller-BBM, Berlin (building physics) – hhp berlin, Berlin (fire safety engineering) – TOPOTEK 1, Berlin (landscape architecture)

Fotos Stefan Rasch, Celia Uhalde