• Spree-Towers Berlin-Treptow

Spree-Towers Berlin-Treptow

Between the well-known Treptowers of the Allianz insurance company and the twin tower block “Twin-Towers”, three striking towers complete the skyline on the banks of the Spree in Berlin. On a former industrial site on Fanny-Zobel-Straße, the competition design envisages condominiums and a flat hotel. The individual towers, which feature a sculptural interplay of cubes shifted against each other, are connected by two bridge structures to form an emblematic landmark. From all sides, whether coming from the city or looking from the opposite bank, the ensemble creates different silhouettes. The hotel tower differs in appearance from the two residential towers: While the hotel façade is vertically structured with a rhythmic interplay of closed fields and vertical, floor-to-ceiling windows, green parapets in the residential towers emphasise the horizontal layering of the individual storeys. All flats are orientated around corners so that the living spaces benefit from daylight from two directions and a wide view over Berlin. The intensive greening on each floor, with its own terrace and panoramic view, gives the flats penthouse-like qualities.
Location Fanny-Zobel-Straße, Berlin-Treptow
Year Competition 2012
Client AGROMEX GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin

Team Arno Löbbecke, Dominik Queck, Götz Hinrichsen, Hugo Neto, Dirk Nachtsheim