• Museum of Nature & Science Jerusalem

Museum of Nature & Science Jerusalem

The design for the expansion of the science museum in Jerusalem’s government quarter proposes a museum campus made up of individual pavilions and differentiated terraces and garden areas, which fuse naturally with the city and its topography. The individual pavilions are joined by perforated roof surfaces into a clear urban ensemble. Access to the building is provided via an “interior road” within its concealed base, which creates visual axes to the museum gardens and individual exhibition areas and connects all individual structures with the existing building. A large covered outer staircase serves both as passageway and leisure area, forms the heart of the ensemble and provides views of the city.
Location Sderot HaMuze’onim Givat Ram, Jerusalem 91904
Year Finalist, Competition 2012
Client Municipality of Jerusalem

Team Daniel Strassburger, Stefan Schenk, Dirk Nachtsheim, Dominik Queck, Nora Brinkmann

Technical planners Topotek 1, Berlin (open space planning) – Transsolar Energietechnik GmbH (energy technology)