• VW-Pavillion


In the Autostadt Wolfsburg, everything revolves around the subject of cars on 25 hectares. In a prominent position, the VW Pavilion appears in the middle of this adventure park as a glass cube in which a sphere 18 meters in diameter seems to float above the ground. This spherical cinema with eighty seats is supported and accessed by four ramps running diagonally from the corners of the building towards the sphere. From here, the course continues into an underground showroom and finally back into the park landscape via a narrow alley. In the transparent cube skin, 850 vertical slats can be individually controlled. They are linked to a staging software that allows the body and shell to enter into a powerful dialogue with a choreography of lighting effects and various levels of permeability.
Location Autostadt Wolfsburg
Year Fertigstellung 2000
Client VW Autostadt (Masterplan HENN Architects)

Team Olaf Menk, Kai Hansen, Peter Friedrich

Consultants KBP Kühn Bauer und Partner, Berlin, München (building services) – Nb+b Neumann, Berking und Bendorf, Wolfsburg (structural engineering) – Fourneaux Stewart, London (event design)

Fotos Werner Huthmacher, Fourneaux Stewart