• Darwinstraße Berlin

Darwinstraße Berlin

The new office building at Darwinstr. is the first step in the conversion and reprogramming of the former power plant site in Berlin-Charlottenburg and combines new working environments with ecological and social benefits. The public space is expanded with an inviting ascent up to the roof garden. Combining functionality and sensuality with vitality and biodiversity, this project sets a new standard for redensification and set an example for further development in the area.
Location Darwinstr. 1, 5 – 10587 Berlin-Charlottenburg
Year Completion 2024
Client BAUWENS Development Berlin GmbH

Team Götz Hinrichsen, Nina Maria Damm, Paul Eichholtz, Moritz Leinhos, Andreas Hoppe

Technical Planners capattistaubach urbane landschaften, Berlin (open space planning) – A.R.T. GmbH, Magdeburg (structural engineering) – Ingenieurbüro Liebert Versorgungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin (building services) – K. Dörflinger Gesellschaft für Elektroplanung mbH & Co. KG, Allendorf (electrical planning) – TOHR Bauphysik GmbH & Co. KG, Bergisch Gladbach (building physics) – Peter Stanek, Berlin (fire protection) – LK Argus GmbH, Berlin (traffic) – Kühn Geoconsulting GmbH, Bonn (geotechnical services/ construction soil consulting) – priedemann fassadenberatung, Großbeeren/Berlin (façade consulting)