• Auguststraße Berlin

Auguststraße Berlin

An empty lot in Berlin’s Spandauer Vorstadt neighbourhood was the location for this co-housing building project, which combines the very diverse residential ideas and needs of workplace, multi-generational living and exhibition space. The apartments are arranged like a spatial puzzle and revealed by wide structural bands that frame the units at the façade facing the street. In the rear-facing part of the property is a small terraced building suitable for the elderly, with its own garden, and an elevated villa with a wide hall at ground level. The apartments are assigned spacious private exterior spaces, while garden, courtyard and rooftop terrace are designated as common areas. The apartments in the front-facing building are characterized by split-level loggias as well as many different lines of sight that exist both within the apartments and between interior and exterior spaces.
Location Auguststraße 51, 10119 Berlin
Year 2008
Client Auguststraße 51 GmbH & Co. KG


Team Florian Fels, Olaf Menk, Volker Raatz, Jacob van Ommen, Thomas Ellinghaus, Arun Markus, Jon C. Ferrer, Jemima Retallack, Caroline Steinchen, Julia Wolter

Technical planners GTB-Berlin Gesellschaft für Technik am Bau mbH, Berlin (structural engineering) – Ingenieurgesellschaft Ridder und Meyn mbH, Berlin (building service) – Topotek 1 Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH, Berlin (open space planning)

Photos Jan Bitter