• Room in Room

Room in Room

The exhibition Room in Room brings together positions from photography, architecture and installation in a negotiation of the view into, onto and through space. The exposition shows works by Jan Bitter, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Axel Hütte, Veronika Kellndorfer, Carsten Krohn, Kirstin Rogge, Philipp Schaerer, Susanne Schuricht, Hiroshi Sugimoto and Sinta Werner.

Room in Room
17 July – 12 December 2015

Grüntuch Ernst Lab
Former Jewish Girls’ School (3rd floor left)
Auguststraße 11–13, 10117 Berlin


Initiated by Susanne Schuricht and Karsten Schubert

In cooperation with Grüntuch Ernst Architects and frontviews

Supported by: Eternit, DORMA, FSB
technical support: ROCKNROLL RENTAL


In order to discuss the subject of the exhibition, there were theoretical talks and panels:

artist talk
presented by Svenja von Reichenbach (Director Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle) and Arthur de Ganay (Photography collection Arthur de Ganay)

Room and Scene
Filmscreening Peter Welz: Casa Malaparte – Discussion with Peter Welz and Marc Glöde

Room and Form
Karsten Schubert: Spatial impressions and expression forms – Modeling of space through architectural form – Discussion with Jasper Cepl, Hans Kollhoff, Uwe Schröder

Room and Image
Cora Waschke: Perspective as a view – On the relationship between architecture and photography in modernity – Discussion with Bernd Bess, Armand Grüntuch, Ulrich Müller

Room and Reality
Stephan Günzel: The reality of space – Discussion with Jörg H. Gleiter and Ludwig Seyfarth

Room and Meaning
Poetic moments in architecture – Lecture, dialogue, discussion: Albert Kirchengast and Jörn Köppler