• Spreebord Berlin

Spreebord Berlin

The transformation of the urban building block ‘Am Spreebord’ offers opportunities for new living and working environments in the centre of Berlin. The design for the urban planning competition shows a differentiated, mixed-use quarter with near-natural spaces between and on top of the buildings, which guarantee residents and passers-by a gain in quality of life in the urban quarter.

Healthy ecosystems, embedded in the urban structure, will be an increasingly important source of well-being for urban society: plants offer a wide range of benefits for people – from improved air quality and sun protection to a proverbial grounding of the digitally active society.

Around a central, public park, connected to the Mierendorff Round Trip on the banks of the Spree, a compact development will be laid out to unseal the surface over a large area. Protected by a U-shaped block, the park opens out into the neighbourhood square, the central meeting point where pedestrians and cyclists gather and which is lined with small shops and facilities that supply the quarter and the adjacent district.

Individual, staggered structures with offices, different types of apartments, public and semi-public services, vary in height and give the location an identity-forming shape. A surrounding roof park connects the block and offers residents a protected green space for meetings and activities with a view of Berlin-Charlottenburg.

On the industrial wasteland, the urban space is enriched with a forward-looking ensemble of park, buildings and innovative urban green spaces that combine functionality and sensuality with vitality, biodiversity and climate resilience.
Place Quedlinburger Str. 7/9 + 11, Am Spreebord 1, Berlin
Year Urban Planning Competition 2020
Client Am Spreebord Projektmanagement GmbH, Eschborn

Team Götz Hinrichsen, Paul Eichholtz, Moritz Leinhos, Gideon Bramwells, Ufuk Celik, Vincent Preti

Consultants capattistaubach urbane landschaften (open space planning)